Steve Williams

On Philosophy for Children
Gavin White, Acting Deputy Headteacher, Rushcombe First School, Dorset
Steve Williams delivered a thought provoking and highly enjoyable 2-day course on P4C to our staff. His course provided us with many ideas about how we could develop the use of P4C within our school and helped our staff to feel more confident when delivering Philosophy sessions. His course was superbly delivered and has had a lasting effect upon our schools approach towards teaching and learning. Most importantly, the application of the techniques promoted within his course, have played a key role in developing the thinking skills of children across the school. Our pupils' ability to listen carefully, reason and discuss their ideas has improved considerably as a result of developing Philosophy within our curriculum.

Kate McCrae, Headteacher, Griffe Field Primary School, Derby
Steve Williams led a really practical, interactive training day in which we looked at higher-order thinking and questioning in ways that really made us think! Staff came away with plenty of ideas to raise the challenge of their lessons and we had fun as well. The day gave us a good insight into developing philosophy with our children.

Marcelo Staricof, Deputy Headteacher, St Bartholomew’s CE Primary School, Brighton
I found Steve's experience with all aspects of P4C very wide. He is a master of small group work and gives a lot of support and encouragement to help teachers get pupils thinking for themselves. I was inspired by his knowledge and expertise. Steve's workshops are so full of practical ideas. Steve is stimulating and personable both as a keynote speaker and a workshop leader.

On teaching thinking
Rupert Wegerif, Professor of Education at Exeter University
Both as a practitioner and a theorist, Steve Williams is a leading exponent of teaching thinking. His contribution to the field is now gaining richly-deserved recognition. His combination of a strong background in the practice of teaching together with a thoughtful appropriation of a range of different theoretical approaches to understanding thinking skills has enabled him to produce a new and significant approach of his own: a synthesis of the best tried and tested techniques within a new framework which offers a deeper conceptualisation of why these techniques work and how to use them together to greater effect.

Rob Ratcliff, General Primary Adviser, Wiltshire Council Local Authority
In 2005 I attended a course organised and tutored by Steve entitled 'Developing Curious Minds'. It was one of the best courses I have ever been on and contained a wealth of practical ideas that could be used with primary aged children. These included a session on 'Philosophy for Children' which was particularly useful. Following the course I contacted Steve and booked him to work alongside two LA colleagues on a two-day course for deputy heads and senior teachers in Wiltshire schools. Steve’s contribution to these developments was considerable.

On Readers Theatre Courses
Gill Holland, Consultant, Education Bradford.
Inspirational! The first time I have been on a course without my mind wandering! Bradford will be fed up with me going on about it. Thank you so much!

David Watson, Headteacher, Tweedmouth Middle School, Northumberland.
A thoroughly enjoyable experience - to be entertained and taught. I learned a very great deal. Thank you.

Sue Ellis, co-director, Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE)
Steve Williams and Peter Miles led a session on Readers Theatre for teachers and trainers at CLPE. Readers Theatre offers an enjoyable and collaborative opportunity for children to engage with written language and ‘lift it off the page’ through enactment. We have now adopted it as one of the key teaching approaches for our successful ‘Power of Reading’ project.

Melloney Arnett, Literacy Team Leader, Peckham Park Primary School
An excellent and fulfilling and most rewarding day. The seminar opened the doors to a wide range of lessons in cross-curricular subjects. Will certainly use the ideas in school.

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