Steve Williams

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a worldwide educational project that aims to nurture children's curiosity, enhance their abilities to think for themselves, and to enable them to conduct dialogues with others, seeing disagreement and difference as a starting point for enquiry. Schools that adopt the aims and methods of P4C often report that pupils think and talk more skilfully, are more motivated towards learning and are more socially adept than before.

What I can offer
I have taught, and helped others to teach, P4C for more than 15 years. I was a founder member of SAPERE, the co-ordinating organisation for P4C in Britain, and was the first person in the UK to teach P4C regularly in a secondary school. (Click here for a research report in Adobe Acrobat format). I have helped infant, junior and secondary schools to introduce and develop P4C and have written P4C handbooks and materials and collaborated in international P4C projects.

I am a senior SAPERE trainer accredited to run introductory and advanced courses in P4C. I am a leading member of the P4C Co-operative which manages the resource and support website


I can provide P4C training, demonstrations, presentations and ongoing support. I can also work with teachers to integrate P4C into the curriculum. If you would like to discuss P4C or enquire about training and ongoing support, please contact me.

t: 01332 760573

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