I left school for the world low-paid and short-lived jobs. My 'portfolio' included shunter (for the railways), slasher (in a textile mill) and civil servant (in an employment office).

Later, I studied for a Humanities degree and, after graduating, I trained to be a teacher and spent 15 years teaching English in inner-city secondary schools. After watching a TV programme about the Philosophy for Children programme of Matthew Lipman in America, I helped to found SAPERE, the Philosophy for Children network in the UK. I was the first person in Britain to introduce P4C as curriculum subject in a secondary and, over the years, I've worked with chilren of all ages in a wide variety of schools. I've helped many teachers to start philosophy for children in their own schools through the courses I provide.

I'm also very interested in readers theatre, writing for learning and online education. I've been involved with many national and international projects in these fields.

I worked for five years as a full-time senior editor for an educatonal publishing company, editing books and magazines including 'Teaching Thinking and Creativity' a well-respected publication with a world-wide reputation.

I now work as a freelance teacher, writer, and editor. I've also returned to education part-time to try for a masters degree in philosophy.